A Letter From Margo Johnson of North Liberty

Subject: Amazing Job!!


My name is Margo Johnson and I live in the Autumn Ridge Development here in North Liberty. I asked our new H.O.A. president Ryan Paige for your email. Hope you don’t mind. Myself and my husband Robert picked North Liberty because of the hospitality, but yet small town feel. That feeling came back when I met a young man this afternoon mowing behind our house and around our pond that works for your company. We have lived here for about 3 months and this is the first time I have seen one of your employees take pride in doing his job. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, but we see them come in, and mow, trim, and leave. All within about 30 minutes. He went slow and made something as simple as cutting grass look like an art form. My husband and I walked back behind after he was done and the ground wasn’t torn up around trees like normal and he didn’t miss a blade of grass. Haha. But anyone can mow grass sir. What stood out about your employee that you won’t find from any other lawn care company around is his professionalism. I truly believe he cares about what his properties look like when finished. (Quality before Quantity).

One of the property owners had thrown a bag of garbage into the weeds on the tree line. Not only was I embarrassed but proud when I saw him come back with a trash bag to pick it all up and haul it away, even if it wasn’t were he mowed it was were he and everyone else could see. When asked why he was picking up someone else’s trash he kindly responded…”I like my properties to be clean and I don’t mind” We smiled and walked with him back to the truck and thanked him. 

He’s a keeper and I’m sure he can teach some of the younger generation some new things. I’m proud to have you guys in charge of our H.O.A.!!! And I will tell all my friends at my next bridge game.

Again, thanks. 

Margo and Robert Johns

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We are currently accepting applications and resumes for the following positions:

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Welcome to Jans Lawn Care and Landscaping

bigLawn1We are a full service residential and commercial lawn care company serving Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and Tiffin.

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Our Guarantee

shakingHandsAt Jans Lawn care and Landscaping, we strive to provide the best service possible. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with our service, just contact us, and we will quickly address the problem. We stand behind all our work, as 100% satisfaction is our goal.

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