Jan’s Lawn Care was originally created by Wyatt Jans as a weekend mowing service over 15+ years ago. The business continued to grow over time and grew to a full time industry leading lawn care company. In 2016, Jan’s was taken over by Courtney Kelley and Richard Vale. Richard began his lawn care career in the Quad Cities where he built up a company and sold it to pursue a career in the Iowa City area.

Once in the Iowa City area, Richard began mowing a few lawns on weekends which continued to grow over the years leading to the purchase of Jan’s in 2016. Richard and Courtney have a background in law enforcement with a combine 20+ years of experience. Richard and Courtney understand the importance of customer relationships and treating every customer like it is their only customer. Richard and Courtney take pride in knowing each of their customers and providing a highly trained staff that treats the business as a second family.