Summer was a blast but as it begins to wind down and fall sets in schedules turn quite busy. School starts taking up time for parents and the weather isn't nearly as nice as it used to be. As the leaves begin to turn and the days begin to shorten, don't let your busy schedule interfere with the care of your lawn! Jans Lawncare will stay on top of all of your fall cleanup needs, including:

  • Leaf cleanup and removal
  • Clean out old annuals and weeding
  • Cut back spent perennials and clean gardens of slugs, snails, or other garden pests
  • Remove dead branches and other debris
  • Mulch your lawn
  • Fertilize your lawn for healthy growth even during the winter months


Have questions? Want to schedule your fall cleanup or get a free quote? Write us or give us a call at 319-665-2191!