At Jans Lawn Care, we take pride in our Lawn Care Program that is designed to promote and sustain overall lawn health. We recommend a 6-Step lawn fertilizer program to ensure lawn health all year long. We use a special blend of liquid and granular products to support continued growth and weed control. Our granular products are an all-organic slow release fertilizer product that is ordered directly from the manufacture.

We tend to treat your lawn health like you should treat your overall health. If you go to the doctor due to poor health, they may recommend a handful of things to fix your health, change your diet, exercise, proper amounts of rest, etc... Our lawn care program has the same roots. Your lawn health is the proper mixture of nutrients, weed control, precipitation, and temperatures. There is no "Magic Pill" or one treatment fix. A healthy lawn requires continuous maintenance and treatment to ensure proper health.

Continuous Fertilizer Treatment

This takes us into another issue we run into. If a customer calls and says they have an issue with weeds, we can come up and treat the weed issue, but that is not the overall fix. A healthy lawn can naturally resist weed growth, but there are many factors that go into your lawns health. The surrounding lawns, how often your lawn is mowed, how often your lawn is treated, how long your yard has been established, pet traffic, winter damage, etc can all go into the factors of your lawns health.

You can't go to the gym and after one exercise session become the poster child for health, your lawn can't either. A lawn must continue to receive treatments, we commonly have customers that after a year or two of treatment will want to stop services because their lawn looks great. If you were to stop going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle after two years, your body's health will slowly become affected as well.

Fertilizer Products

We are often asked what the difference is between the products we service yards with and the products you can buy from big box stores. The truth is the items we purchase are directly from the manufacturer and the products are 100% what they are supposed to be. The fertilizer products that are purchased from the big box stores are the left overs of a fertilizer run. The leftovers are compromised of the items that are left over in tanks during final clean outs or what has been spilled on the floor during the manufacturing process. That means those products consist of unwanted substances and chemicals that were not designed to benefit your yard.

The other major difference is what we call the blanket affect. Box box stores sell you one product that is designed for every lawn. Our technicians specifically treat lawn issues on a yard by yard basis. Our technicians also account for current weather and temps along with your lawn health specific to your yard. We don't want to use the term lawn doctor, but when you have a medical issue you would prefer treatment specific to you and not everyone else as a whole.

Certified Fertilizer Technicians

All of Jans Fertilizer technicians go through a vigorous training and education process prior to servicing your lawn. Our technicians have received college degrees in turf management and have professional experience maintaining professional athletic fields. Each technician is certified from the State of Iowa to treat your yard. During each visit our technicians assess your current lawn health and can make any recommendations for increasing health in the future. Our technicians will address and treat any weed control issues while on their visit to your home.


Can I call you once my weeds become an issue?

  • A good portion of lawn health comes from prevention. Our treatments help prevent weeds from establishing in your lawn. It truly is a science that goes into your lawn health.

Can I just sign up for one or two treatments a year?

  • A lawn requires continuous treatment. We can't stress enough how important your lawn health is like your personal health. You can't eat healthy or go to the gym once a month and expect great results.

You came out and treated my yard, but there are still weeds?

  • Weed control isn't an overnight fix. We can come out and treat your weeds, but continuous treatment is the key to lawn health. As we continue the program over the course of the season, we will continue to spot treat weeds as they become less and less apparent.