Lawn Care Mowing is our pride and joy and really brings us back to our roots. Roots are the foundation of a healthy lawn and a healthy root system is a happy lawn. Take us back to the day mowing our parents lawn as a weekend chore to modern day lawn care has been a process of learning a little bit each year, a bit of luck, and some hard work. Jans Lawn Care uses commercial grade mowers that are designed specifically for cutting grass at a high volume level. Each mower is inspected daily and serviced monthly. Jans upgrades all of their machines to include a striping kit to leave the beautiful line and diamond patterns within your lawn and upgrades all cutting blades to gator mulching blades. The gator mulching blades are designed to pull the grass up towards the mowing deck, cut the grass initially and redirect the grass for a second or third cut. The blades also "mulch" grass clippings eliminating the need for a bagging system and increasing the nutrients going back into your lawn. Cutting blades are sharpened daily to ensure a proper cut and mowing service.

We recommend weekly mowing for all customers. Weekly mowing promotes lawn health by removing the tips of the current blades of grass and paving the way for a healthy lawn. Each time the tip of a blade of grass is removed, it forces the blade to form new sprouts. A healthy lawn can help withstand weed growth and survive the different weather patterns Mother Nature is known to throw at us. Our crews are specifically trained to identify any problems with the lawn and treat them accordingly. Some lawns may require additional treatments to promote sustainability. Our mowing crews select a height in which to cut the grass to maintain health.