Jans Lawn Care and Landscaping offers a Seasonal Lawn Care Program to keep your yard looking great all year round! Below we have described the different steps we take to ensure that your grass is the greenest in town.'

  • Step 1: Early Spring Treatment - Application is applied in late March into early April. The treatment consists of a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent and control crabgrass and other weeds. The fertilizer also contains nutrients to promote root growth and kick start your lawn for the year.
  • Step 2: Spring Treatment - Applied in April and May. The treatment consists of pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control as needed depending on the current lawn conditions, and an organic based fertilizer to promote lawn health for the season to come.
  • Step 3: Early Summer Treatment - Applied Late May into Early June, the treatment consists of a premium organic based fertilizer designed to release nutrients into your lawn system. The yard will be treated with a broadleaf spray to depending on the current lawn health and existence of weeds within the yard.
  • Step 4: Summer Treatment - Applied in Late June and Early July, the treatment consists of an organic based premium fertilizer to continue lawn health and spot treatment of any weeds within the yard.
  • Step 5: Fall Treatment - Applied in Late August and Early September, this treatment consists of a slow release organic based fertilizer to provide the essential nutrients to sustain lawn health towards the end of the season. Spot treatments of any weeds within the yard depending on lawn health.
  • Step 6: Late Fall Treatment - Applied in Late October and Early November. This treatment consists of an organically rich premium fertilizer with nutrients designed to "winterize" your lawn. The nutrients are designed to promote root health through the cold winter months and kick start your lawn in the spring.

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